AM112  40


November 2014, for sale on eBay :

"Body is in rough condition, needs complete restoration. Metal work was previously done by an amateur so expect to do some patch work especially around the fenders and door skins.looks like rocker panels were replaced and appear fine. Floors and trunk looks fine. Chassis is rust free. I didn't find any rust on the car.  It has been sitting indoor since 1976. Engine is frozen mostly due to corrosion. The passenger side head was removed for inspection. The engine will need all new pistons, possibly liners and complete rebuilt. Many new engine parts are included with the car. There is a new set of Main and rod bearings, New complete set of timing chains,New tensioner pads and Main tensioner. New set of stainless steel valves, New distributor wire set. Transmission is apart and will need to be rebuilt. Suspension will need to be rebuilt as well but many new parts are included to complete the job such as new ball joints, rubber bushings, steering links, shackle bushings, leaf spring pads, new front shocks. Front windshield has a crack and will need to be replaced, rest of the glass is in good condition. Car is 98% complete only missing minor things."

Located in Nothern Virgina/USA.