AM112  314

1968, Rosso Rubino Chiaro/Black, fitted with knock-off Ghibli-wheels on order.

09.05.1968 sold new via Thepenier St.Cloud/F to André Vilaseca/France, part exchange with 1966 Mercedes 600.

1975, Antonio Elia, Paris/F. reg. "26 APL 75"

Repainted in Silver.

1977 - 1984, with Lucien Guitteny, former Ferrari driver at Le Mans, Angers/F through dealer Pierre Dijols, Europ Sport, Linas-Montlhery/F.

1984, Luc Foulonneau, Nantes/F

August 1985, featured in Auto Rétro magazine No 60.

2012, still in France with its new owner.

2018, restoration starts.