AM112  320


2012, for sale in South Africa.

"This Mexico Coupe is in dire need of a little TLC to bring her back to her resplendent beauty. From what I can gather her owner emigrated to South Africa and the car has literally been in storage ever since - although the engine has been started periodically and the car driven for short distances before returning to her garage.

For some unknown reason the car was never registered in SA and still has her UK plates "NOP 151 F" on plus UK logbook is available. There is also a sticker on her windshield showing that she was in New York during 1972!

The interior was reupholstered in the UK before shipping - again apparently there was a problem that the job was not finished off due to time constraints and some small trim items could not be refitted but are in a box and available.

Sadly, her paintwork and body have gathered the odd knock, minor indentations and scratches during her storage - further there are small amounts of bubble-rust in a couple of places.

To a degree this is a restoration project but frankly she just needs a decent job done of the bodywork and fresh paint with the bumpers being re-chromed. The headlining is still very good but needs to be re-installed due to some sagging otherwise her interior is virtually new.

The asking price is EUR35,000 or nearest offer excluding shipping and insurance to destination required, this allows a massive EUR15,000 budget for refurbishment before she nears another example being sold currently in the EU."

November 2020, sold back to UK.